Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Drama

I am so ready to get away from here. I've been staying with my mom for 6 days now and can't leave until tomorrow. I can not stand my grandmama she has turned into a total bitch. I can't say anything to her or around her with out hearing her opinion no matter how much I don't care. I am looking for a wedding dress and she just keeps telling me that i won't be able to fit in them and I know this. I am planning on buying a plus size dress but I'm looking for ideas on regular size sites. Most of these sites have a plus size option on the dresses, just because the model is tiny doesn't mean that's the only size it comes in. I found one that I really like and for once she was optimistic and tried helping look for a pattern even volunteering to make it but when we started looking she kept complaining about how she wasn't going to put all that detail in. I mean if she doesn't want to do it then why volunteer. Then I tell her I want the date to be in August and she freaks out telling me it's going to be too hot, because my original plans were to have an outside ceremony. When I tell her I changed my plans, that I plan to rent out the community center by our house. She kept on, telling me how it was going to even hotter than today. Now I'm just so pissed I don't wanna be around anyone. And I'm even starting to dread my wedding, this is supposed to be something that I'll remember for the rest of my life I shouldn't want to cancel or not include my family. I don't know what to do.

I guess I'll just sleep for now and maybe it'll be better later.

Peace .\/,,