Thursday, September 10, 2009

Figured It Out

I finally understand how I am "6 months" yet due in Jan!!! I am in the sixth month, not six full months yet, officially I am like 5 months 3 weeks. YAY! lol.
I have picked out the wedding cake!

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I have another appointment with the OB/GYN the 23rd more then

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wedding Dress

So... My wedding dress came in today and, well I'm glad we ordered early. It is huge! I am going to have to double in size or either take it in like 4 inches. I mean the wedding is in 24 days. Up until now it felt like it was all going okay like on schedule. Now this is like a major setback. We still need one more bridesmaid dress made, the cake made, the catering plans finished, the bouquets made, and the final decorations to come in. I don't know what to do, I feel so overwhelmed and I don't even think about the wedding often, all I can focus on is that unfinished room that will be a nursery in a few months.
Things are looking up in that direction though, Tiffany and Brian should be out or in the process of being out by the 6th. Then we need one more piece of sheetrock and some sheetrock mud. I have my paint colors picked out and I'm going to show grandmama my plans this afternoon. I have most of the baby stuff bought, I still need a playpen, swing, and bouncer. I also need to buy some more socks and mittens that are newborn sized. Then I need bottles, pacifiers, a humidifier, thermometer, tylenol, mylicon, cotton balls, alcohol, a brush, nail clips, you know essential little things. And of course diapers. But I think it's going better.
I found out I have to give myself a shot everyday, I will start that today. I was positive for thrombosis or something like that. It is when I form micro blood clots which are not at all harmful to me but because the baby is so small it can be fatal to him. It doesn't make sense to me but if it's for the baby I'll do it. The medicine if I didn't have medicaid would cost us over a thousand dollars a month!
But that's about all that's going on.

Peace and Love