Thursday, November 12, 2009

31 Weeks 6 Days

Things have been busy. The wedding was perfect! The dress fit fine with some alterations. We have been married over a month now. it seems we fight less after all the drama of the wedding was over. lol.
I changed doctors, I have my first appointment with the new one on the 20th. I'm not sure if I'll like him but since I am now using Wesley I am open to change. We done a 4-D ultrasound monday, it was amazing. Aiden looks just like his daddy, even though he won't admit it. I find myself counting down even to the days now ( 8 weeks 1 day). I keep telling myself if it 38 weeks I have not dialated any I am asking for an induction. At the same time every week I research babies who were born at that stage and see how well they done. I am worried about him coming early. He stays so low in my uterus that sometimes it feels as though he is just barely in there. lol.
We have officially gotten a start on the nursery. Ben now realizes why I wanted it started then. We have 8 weeks (10 max) and we still need sheet rock for the ceiling, the floor layed down, finish painting, move the furniture in, and then evaluate and buy the finishing touches. Which if we had the money of the supplies would be no problem but with him being unemployed it makes it so hard.
I have been planning to take some maternity pictures, I think I can talk him into it today. I am going to shower and dress up then take a walk with him and the camera. If he doesn't take the ones I want I am prepared to call in Grandmama she has been alot more realistic and understanding lately. Plus she is really getting into photography.
Well I hope I get the chance to write more sooner than later.