Friday, September 3, 2010


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Saturday, July 17, 2010

6 Months Already

Hey everyone! I haven't really had any free time to get online and write anything. SO much has went on since the last time I wrote. Aiden has gotten soooo big he is around 19 pounds and over 27 inches long. He can roll over, sit up, hold his own bottle, he can scoot around on his belly, and now he is saying mama. He got his first tooth the other night and has been extremely fussy ever since. I can't believe it has been half a year since I gave birth to the most beautiful little boy in the world time is going by so fast.

Ben has got his business started and we got our first paycheck not that long ago. Of course most of it went on our bills which got a little behind while we were waiting for the money to come in. Things are looking up though, we are hoping to get a washer and dryer through aaron's soon since I have switched over to Cloth Diapers. Washing them in the bath tub is a total pain!

We have started working on our bedroom and are picking out paint colors now. I really have no idea how I want it to look. There are so many options and I love all of them, I think really I am looking for something modern yet not too out there and still affordable. I was thinking about going with green and and olive type color but I haven't found any bedding or furniture to match yet.

Well that is a brief catch up on what has been going on. Also, if you would, please subscribe to t4int3dVlog on youtube. It is a channel Ben, our friend Alex, and myself have created. We are actually in the process of uploading our first video right now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2 Months!

Aiden is now 2 months old! It is so hard to believe that he hasn't always been in my life. I hardly ever get to post now because we don't have internet at the house and I don't get time when we visit Grandmama. He weighed 11lbs 6ozs at his one month checkup, he goes in Thursday for shots and check-up. I feel strange that I'm not nervous about the shots I see all these posts where moms cried and didn't want to go but forced themselves. In my mind shots are a part of growing up and with his short memory he will forget all about it in no time. Maybe it will be different when it really happens but for right now I understand he needs shots!
I love and hate at the same time how quickly he is growing up. I love seeing him accomplish new things but hate that the little things are passing by so quickly. I can no longer swadle him and just hold him and look at him, he fights the blanket and cries when you don't talk to him. I love that he has almost complete head control but hate that I can no longer just hold him against my shoulder because he fights to look around. I guess that is normal though being a parent is a love/hate relationship.
It is amazing how I can be worried about him not eating enough one day to each too much the next! Be holding him still to change him so he won't roll over then 5 minutes later encouraging him to. I wonder if he gets as confused as I do? lol. For now I just want to spend every miute with him before I know it he'll be wanting to spend every minute away from me!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aiden Glenn is born

Aiden Glenn Warden was born Janaury 7 2010 at 5:58 p.m. He weighed 8lbs and 7 ozs and was 21 1/4 inches long!
I was induced, broke my water and started the pitocin at 7:30 am. Went natural until the second time they upped the dose of pitocin then contractions were coming every 30 seconds so I got the epidural. After that I went from 6 to 8 to 10cm and around 3 p.m. we were ready to push. Pushed for around an hour until Aiden was born! Had two small tears internally and the epidural was wearing off for the repair so it was very painful.
He was holding up his head and smiling in the hospital the next day! since then he had started following objects, trying to roll over, sit up and crawl! He won't even be 3 weeks until tomorrow! I am so proud of my baby boy and can't wait to see what else he has in store to amaze me...
he will be waking up soon so I will post more later!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We Have Dilation!

I just went into the doctor's office after contracting and cramping for two days. They hooked me to the monitor and after like 5 minutes, Dr. Drake (not my usual doctor but I've seen him before) came in since Dr. Cromartie wasn't in and checked my cervix. He was like "Okay! We are about 1 cm and 80% thinned out." He didn't think the machine was picking up my contractions so they moved it around it wasn't really picking them up since I had one (a rather hard one) and it barely showed up. He told me to go home and get some rest I wasn't dilated enough to be admitted to the hospital but he didn't think it would be long. Yay!
My family is freaking out since we haven't even had the baby shower yet but I so don't care I am so ready to have my baby here in my arms! They gave me a presciption of Tylenol 3 and I took 2 about an hour ago and it isn't really helping in the pain department but it is making me more relaxed. Contractions are now about 6-7 minutes apart have been for several hours so i have the feeling I am starting down a long and painful road yet I find myself so excited! Will try to keep posting as things progress but we will see, the next time I post I may have my precious baby boy!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

35 Weeks 4 Days

I officially love my new doctor. He actually remembers things from one appointment to the next. I had another ultrasound yesterday, found out the baby weighs a whole 5 lbs and 9 ozs!! I am so excited I don't think I can have any mucous plug left lol I have been loosing it in little bits for over a week. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow with the nurse practioner I plan on asking if I can be induced at 38 weeks. Well the first day after Christmas that the doc is on call anywway. The heartburn which I didn't think could get anyworse has! lol. And I now understand what they meant about crowded lungs and sore ribs. He is so long lol even though he is wedged deep in my pelvis his feet are high in my ribs lol.
We got the sheetrock up in the nursery and the whole room is white. We still have to paint it blue and put up the crown mold before we can put down the tile. The baby shower is the 18th and though I know it will suck I'm excited.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

31 Weeks 6 Days

Things have been busy. The wedding was perfect! The dress fit fine with some alterations. We have been married over a month now. it seems we fight less after all the drama of the wedding was over. lol.
I changed doctors, I have my first appointment with the new one on the 20th. I'm not sure if I'll like him but since I am now using Wesley I am open to change. We done a 4-D ultrasound monday, it was amazing. Aiden looks just like his daddy, even though he won't admit it. I find myself counting down even to the days now ( 8 weeks 1 day). I keep telling myself if it 38 weeks I have not dialated any I am asking for an induction. At the same time every week I research babies who were born at that stage and see how well they done. I am worried about him coming early. He stays so low in my uterus that sometimes it feels as though he is just barely in there. lol.
We have officially gotten a start on the nursery. Ben now realizes why I wanted it started then. We have 8 weeks (10 max) and we still need sheet rock for the ceiling, the floor layed down, finish painting, move the furniture in, and then evaluate and buy the finishing touches. Which if we had the money of the supplies would be no problem but with him being unemployed it makes it so hard.
I have been planning to take some maternity pictures, I think I can talk him into it today. I am going to shower and dress up then take a walk with him and the camera. If he doesn't take the ones I want I am prepared to call in Grandmama she has been alot more realistic and understanding lately. Plus she is really getting into photography.
Well I hope I get the chance to write more sooner than later.