Tuesday, December 8, 2009

35 Weeks 4 Days

I officially love my new doctor. He actually remembers things from one appointment to the next. I had another ultrasound yesterday, found out the baby weighs a whole 5 lbs and 9 ozs!! I am so excited I don't think I can have any mucous plug left lol I have been loosing it in little bits for over a week. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow with the nurse practioner I plan on asking if I can be induced at 38 weeks. Well the first day after Christmas that the doc is on call anywway. The heartburn which I didn't think could get anyworse has! lol. And I now understand what they meant about crowded lungs and sore ribs. He is so long lol even though he is wedged deep in my pelvis his feet are high in my ribs lol.
We got the sheetrock up in the nursery and the whole room is white. We still have to paint it blue and put up the crown mold before we can put down the tile. The baby shower is the 18th and though I know it will suck I'm excited.

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