Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We Have Dilation!

I just went into the doctor's office after contracting and cramping for two days. They hooked me to the monitor and after like 5 minutes, Dr. Drake (not my usual doctor but I've seen him before) came in since Dr. Cromartie wasn't in and checked my cervix. He was like "Okay! We are about 1 cm and 80% thinned out." He didn't think the machine was picking up my contractions so they moved it around it wasn't really picking them up since I had one (a rather hard one) and it barely showed up. He told me to go home and get some rest I wasn't dilated enough to be admitted to the hospital but he didn't think it would be long. Yay!
My family is freaking out since we haven't even had the baby shower yet but I so don't care I am so ready to have my baby here in my arms! They gave me a presciption of Tylenol 3 and I took 2 about an hour ago and it isn't really helping in the pain department but it is making me more relaxed. Contractions are now about 6-7 minutes apart have been for several hours so i have the feeling I am starting down a long and painful road yet I find myself so excited! Will try to keep posting as things progress but we will see, the next time I post I may have my precious baby boy!

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