Saturday, July 17, 2010

6 Months Already

Hey everyone! I haven't really had any free time to get online and write anything. SO much has went on since the last time I wrote. Aiden has gotten soooo big he is around 19 pounds and over 27 inches long. He can roll over, sit up, hold his own bottle, he can scoot around on his belly, and now he is saying mama. He got his first tooth the other night and has been extremely fussy ever since. I can't believe it has been half a year since I gave birth to the most beautiful little boy in the world time is going by so fast.

Ben has got his business started and we got our first paycheck not that long ago. Of course most of it went on our bills which got a little behind while we were waiting for the money to come in. Things are looking up though, we are hoping to get a washer and dryer through aaron's soon since I have switched over to Cloth Diapers. Washing them in the bath tub is a total pain!

We have started working on our bedroom and are picking out paint colors now. I really have no idea how I want it to look. There are so many options and I love all of them, I think really I am looking for something modern yet not too out there and still affordable. I was thinking about going with green and and olive type color but I haven't found any bedding or furniture to match yet.

Well that is a brief catch up on what has been going on. Also, if you would, please subscribe to t4int3dVlog on youtube. It is a channel Ben, our friend Alex, and myself have created. We are actually in the process of uploading our first video right now.

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