Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2 Months!

Aiden is now 2 months old! It is so hard to believe that he hasn't always been in my life. I hardly ever get to post now because we don't have internet at the house and I don't get time when we visit Grandmama. He weighed 11lbs 6ozs at his one month checkup, he goes in Thursday for shots and check-up. I feel strange that I'm not nervous about the shots I see all these posts where moms cried and didn't want to go but forced themselves. In my mind shots are a part of growing up and with his short memory he will forget all about it in no time. Maybe it will be different when it really happens but for right now I understand he needs shots!
I love and hate at the same time how quickly he is growing up. I love seeing him accomplish new things but hate that the little things are passing by so quickly. I can no longer swadle him and just hold him and look at him, he fights the blanket and cries when you don't talk to him. I love that he has almost complete head control but hate that I can no longer just hold him against my shoulder because he fights to look around. I guess that is normal though being a parent is a love/hate relationship.
It is amazing how I can be worried about him not eating enough one day to each too much the next! Be holding him still to change him so he won't roll over then 5 minutes later encouraging him to. I wonder if he gets as confused as I do? lol. For now I just want to spend every miute with him before I know it he'll be wanting to spend every minute away from me!

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